Press Release – Word Teaser

Posted on Apr 15 2016 Posted in General

Word Games Taken to a New Level with Word Teaser by Gameadu

Gameadu, Inc. recently disrupted the word game space and introduced a whole new gaming concept by releasing the Word Teaser App. They’ve taken traditional Word Search, Word Finder and Hangman-like games to a new height by incorporating innovative game-play, interactive touch, hints and power-up elements.. They’ve also incorporated medals and achievements to provide an amazing, addictive new word gaming experience.

Players race against the clock to find a target word hidden inside a 5×5 grid. The goal is to find a specific hidden target word by making many smaller words, which reveal letters present in the target word. With more than 20 categories from which to choose, players can get immersed in the space that interests them most, for example, Animals, Countries, Brands, Colors, Sports, Fruits & Veggies and many more.

A creator of many successful mobile games, Gameadu’s Richa Prakash commented that, “Word Teaser is the most exciting new entrant into the league of the world’s best Word Finder games by blending some of the best traditional elements and adding some creative, fresh twists. It has potential to become a classic.”

Word Teaser is available on Android, iOS, Amazon and Windows Phone and Desktop.

Note to Editors

Word Teaser was created by GAMEADU, Inc. For more information on this particular game visit: or email [email protected]

Jungle Escapade – bullet ,enemy hunt and treasure

Posted on Feb 4 2015 Posted in General

Jungle Escapade is a jungle escape adventure game full of exciting, daring and fun experiences. John and Jane are treasure hunters and they had a very successful hunt in some pyramid ruins of the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt. They were flying back after loading up their treasure bounty, when their plane had a malfunction and they crash landed in the dense African jungle.

Their treasure load of gold coins, shiny jewels and precious diamonds got scattered in the immense jungle. Now, they have to collect it all over again, at the same time escaping and saving themselves from the pygmies, tribal enemies and the many other challenges in the jungle.