Game Artist

Job Title: Game Artist


      1. 3d models modifications while altering texture, modelling and lights setup.
      2. Setting up of models to be used in Unity3d using tools like Maya, 3ds Max and Unity.
      3.  Setting up optimal pipeline in scene creation in Unity3d.
      4.  Adding Various effects while using Unity3d particle and render system.
      5. Making 2d vector graphics to create the game’s UI, HUD and other visual elements.




    1. At least a 2-year 2d/3d art degree or equivalent.
    2. BFA is preferred.
    3. 1 or more years of art and design experience on previous video game development teams.
    4. Experience with Unity is a must.
    5. In-depth knowledge of lighting, value, composition,color and attention to detail in environmental design.
    6. Excellent communication,interpersonal and organizational skills.
    7. Must be proficient in one or more 3d software (Maya, 3D Studio Max)
    8. Strong 2d digital painting/drawing skills in Photoshop
    9. Additional art skills are preferred: fine arts skills, including drawing and painting; traditional sculpting; strong figure drawing skills that demonstrate a deep understanding of human anatomy and proportion, camera editing and/or cinematography background.
    10. Receptive to direction and perform well within a team environment.


Salary: Best in industry.