Hill Car Racing

Posted on : Jan 27 2016

Hill Car Racing games where you climb hill to escape cop chases and show off with stunts in 3d car racing game.
Experience the thrill of driving recklessly in open 3d world of Hilly Desert and Snow areas. This time you are behind the wheels of cars in a detailed gaming experience with controls of tilt, acceleration and brakes on screen. Car driving simulation of the best standards in all handpicked cars. Experience Sports cars, Tuners and Muscle cars from all German, American car makers.

Hill Car Racing 3d is all about how you drive and race against time with constant pursuit of cops to take you down at every turn. Hill Car Racing takes the endless racing genre to a whole new level by adding better graphics, best performance for all devices and giving you a real life racing feel. Your need for speed will be satisfied with adjustable performance of all the cars. It’s the next generation of 3d graphics and beautiful Desert and Snow environments. Drive your car in endless highways and roads , overtaking traffic, evade cops, upgrade and buy new cars to the beat the score of world leaderboards.

Now it is the time to drive and fly in the open world of Hill Car Racing.

Third Person Camera view for optimum behind the wheels experience.
14 Cars to choose from.
Detailed environments with day and night variations in two amazing maps.
Online leaderboard and number of achievements.
Known controls of race, brake and tilt steer with also tap and steer made for everyone.
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Collect fuel to continue driving and earning stars.
Avoid cops and crashes to save your rides’ health.
Drift, Jump and do awesome stunts to earn extra cash and upgrade your rides with colors and alloy wheels.
Keep upgrading your rides with speed and health to survive longer and have best scores for leaderboards.

Hill Climb Racing will be updated regularly with your feedbacks and suggestions. Don’t forget to leave a review with your feedback. Check out our other new car racing games 2015 , free download.

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