Posted on : Feb 4 2015

Type : Action+Adventure

Version : 1.1

Size : 5.0 MB


Jumps is an amazingly simple game where all you need to do is tap to jump from one platform to the next beating molten lava till you can. Sounds easy? Give it a try 😉 test your reflexes.


* 3 gameplay modes: Endless, Time Trial, Multiplayer
* Challenge your friends to a 1-1 multiplayer competition.
* Global leaderboards, fun achievements! Beat your friends’ scores!
* Fun, challenging and quick gameplay to enjoy anytime and anywhere.
* Very simple to learn, very difficult to beat.
* Test of reflexes and concentration.
* Multiple Characters to choose from.
* Different backgrounds.
* Jumps game is suitable for all; girls, kids, boys and adults alike.
* Free game for the whole family to enjoy.
* Caution: Highly Addictive!
* Jump fever is here for all you jumpy jacks.
* You have all the time in the world to accept the challenge.

Jumps and only fast jumps can save you.

This is no happy jumps game or a monster jumping game where a doodle jump and you merrily jump around with all time in the world, here in this free game, time is of great importance a millisecond delay or a wrong move is what is the difference between life and death. Have a fun jumping time playing this mega game “Jumps” on your android devices on google play.
Jumps the simplest game ever.

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