Jungle Escapade

Posted on : Feb 4 2015

Type : Action Game

Version : 1.1

Size : 6.3MB

Rating : Everyone

Tags : Jump kick to kill enemy, gun and infinite bullets to kill enemy, Dynamic maps, Dynamic Enemies, Different Powers, Slide kick to kill enemy, Endless Running game


Jungle Escapade is a jungle escape adventure game full of exciting, daring and fun experiences.

John and Jane are treasure hunters and they had a very successful hunt in some pyramid ruins of the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt. They were flying back after loading up their treasure bounty, when their plane had a malfunction and they crash landed in the dense African jungle.

Their treasure load of gold coins, shiny jewels and precious diamonds got scattered in the immense jungle. Now, they have to collect it all over again, at the same time escaping and saving themselves from the pygmies, tribal enemies and the many other challenges in the jungle.

In jungle the jungle rules applies. Plain and simple ,kill or get killed. Survival of the fittest is the only rule. The hard earned treasure is now dispersed in the jungle. Natives have taken some of the shining pieces . Natives or enemies may not know the worth of the jewels but getting the jewels back that too in the enemies own backyard is no mean task. Kill them all before they get you and make a meal out of you. Kick, push or shoot down all of your enemies. Rope Swings help you move. Make use of your gun ,bullet,bombs to eradicate enemies. Keep collecting your lost treasures and keep running . Dodge the barriers, spears, knifes or simply jump over them.
Modes of killing slide-kick,jump-kick ,gun ,bomb ,shoulder push etc.For if you collide you are doomed. Use cool powers like laser gun, bomb, extra lives ,multiplier etc in you adventure.

Jungle Escapade is a fast paced run and jump platformer action game with slide, kick , jump, shoot,dodge,rope swing,bullet, bomb, gun and other options to help collect your treasure and kill and escape your enemies.
Fun never stops along with the endless supplies of enemies and bullet

Enjoy the endless running adventure with different forests and ruins where explorers have turned hunters.

They need your assistance for this endeavor. Help them face these daunting challenges. Have a wonderful escapade.

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The best shooting action endless running game where you shoot ,kick ,slide or dodge to escape your enemies.

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