Monkey Vs Tigers

Posted on : Jan 27 2016

Once upon a time in a deep forest, there lived a naughty jungle Monkey. He liked running and jumping around the forest, collecting bananas and teasing other animals. Monkey’s life is disturbed when few tigers come to live in his area as deforestation took their homes.

To claim his territory back, Monkey decides to get rid of those wild tigers. And the best way is to tease and annoy them so much that they leave the place themselves. But Tigers get angry and stuck in his own plan, now monkey has to save his own life from wild tigers. And the monkey needs your help. Help the monkey tease tiger by eating banana to gain energy and slow down tiger. Monkey banana or banana monkey just can’t separate the two.

Help Jungle Monkey Escape from those wild tigers. But also watch out for the other obstacles in the forest such as stones, pits, logs, and tree stumps. You also need to be very careful from those poisonous Spiders, venomous Snakes and other tigers.

Collect Bananas, Coconuts and Coins to make your survival easier. Bananas give you energy. Dropping Coconuts on tigers earn you some extra coins. And finally Coins help you buy some amazing stuff that further eases the gameplay.

This awesome & funny Monkey and Tiger game based on the run simple jump & slide controls, gives you an amusing experience and exciting gameplay with that adrenaline rush.

This is the best game for kids about Monkey and Tigers. This monkey game is all about the monkey’s fight tiger and the teasing and mischief.Try out Monkey games free download in a 3d jungle.All about spider , snake ,tiger and monkey free game.


Simple yet addictive gameplay; You won’t be able to put your phone down for a long time.
Eye-catching graphics: Beautiful jungle scenes and natural scenery
2 Fun-filled forests to explore
30 awesome hand-crafted levels to play and master
Game for All: Enjoyed by everyone irrespective of age or gender;

This monkey game is all about a running,jumping monkey ,banana eating and teasing tiger and all about the mischief games monkey plays while trying to jungle escape.

***** The coolest free Collect Bananas Game for everybody!!! *****

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