Sane Lane

Posted on : Feb 4 2015

Type : Racing

Version : 1.8

Size : 4.5MB


The high speed epic 3D driving lane adventure for every Sane Lane car driver is here !!
Mind it though that the lanes themselves are anything but 🙂
Good luck maneuvering these “insane” lanes with a “bomb” on board.  The bomb planted by the enemy will explode when the coins run out, so  collect coins on lanes and other cool stuff by controlling your car using easy  swipe controls and  go as far as possible. Every collision with another vehicle or obstacle will result in reduction of the collected coins. Its a race (car race) against time. Shoot missiles to clear traffic. Never ending car racing game free for your enjoyment. Beat the traffic lane and the time bomb for you are not just racing against the traffic but also the timer bomb on this never ending lane game. Your racing moto or the car race moto is to drive through lane and shoot anything that comes before your car .Beware of the time bomb planted keep collecting coins to avoid explosion. In short a car racing game where shooting missile is fun.

Sane Lane or insane Lane is a car race game with simple swipe controls. Unmatched action adventure with all the traffic and bomb on board .Car racing game for kids , boys,girls, men and family. Full of action with different road (s) and terrains. Racing car and motors of all sizes .Run on the Asphalt. Be a Lane Splitter with missiles.Its a temple run style game.Its the best car race game free .Shoot missile to clear traffic and obstructions or just mega jump over traffic. Unlock more powerful cars as you progress.
If you want a car race with swipe,lanes,coins,awesome, action, adventure, traffic, bomb, action, road , racing ,moto, asphalt lane, splitter,missiles,never ending and shoot look no further.Beat the traffic and the time bomb for you are not just racing against the traffic but also the timer bomb. Fast lane car racing. Maintain line or break line and rush through traffic.

So put your reflexes to test and drive NOW !!

Collect STARS to unlock new maps, exciting new awesome and powerful cars !!

Dare to beat your friend’s score !!

Enjoy this car race game free.

Ready, get set, GO !!

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