Speed Car – WW Warzone

Posted on : May 25 2016

Escape speed car racing with tanks, copters, bombs in a 3d world war game.
Escape the world war 2 with tanks and copters blasting bombs in this speed car racing game in a hilly desert terrain. Your job as a spy is to steal enemy intel of vital importance in world war 2 ww with tankers bombing and copters firing missiles. Call it desert car racing or spy car racing collecting data is the only way to defeat the enemy. The new and best free 3d car racing game 2016. No time to breathe its race time. Dodge everyone put the foot on the pedal, speed car racing game time. Desert and roads are filled with smoke and fire, bombs flying everywhere in the sky.
Endless 3d realistic desert game , speed car. Speed car racing game for all ages, boys, girls, kids. 3D war game at its best. Bomb dodging fun in this speed car racing game.
3d car game props include cars, tanks ,copters, helicopters, missiles trees,desert, bomb blast ,hill etc
Desert hill climb race at its best. Deafening bomb sounds to top it all. Go speed car. Car bomb blast game.
WW warzone speedCar enjoy this off road drive stunt car racing.
Bomb blast in car game.
Helicopter mode fire missile blast enemy speed car.

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