Sugar Me

Posted on : Feb 4 2015

Type : strategy

Version : 1.4

Size : 4.5 MB

Tags : beetle, puzzle, antz, spider, air control, flight control,management, path, collision, sugar fight eat,Excitement, Flight, Mission, Quickness, Survival, a ants, candy, collision, control, draw, escape, hill, multitasking, puzzle, reflex, rush, smasher, spider, sweet, water, line drawing,strategy , fun, timepass, food, colony,rope,cut


In “Sugar Me”, you are the Ants General responsible to control and direct the Ants to collect the Sugar cubes, Stars and other cool bonus items and bring to their home. To do this successfully across 45 progressively difficult levels, you would have to deploy all your cunning and strategies, as well as make use of various tools and powers (such as, Roller Skates, Predator Alarm, Invisibility Cloak, Shields, Sugar Magnets, Fan breeze flights and more) that you get along the way to avoid and tackle the Beetles, Spiders, Wasps, Frogs, Thief Ants, Enemy Ants and other predators, Water and other obstacles.
Good Luck Sugar !
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