Tiny Blocky Cars

Posted on : Feb 22 2016

Tiny Blocky Cars 2016. Endless Race against traffic. Tap Tap race.

Tiny Blocky Cars is about driving tiny cars in a simple blocky town with traffic, dodging, near misses, jumps, high speeds, coins. It will surely amaze you with tappy controls and quick gameplay immersed with a large town with highways, township area, skyscraper area, bridges, canals, ocean and everything a city can offer.

You can buy cars with coins and drive fancier with choices like ambulance, cop cars, trucks, mini trucks, forklift cars and much crazier versions of different cars.

Key Features
– Gorgeous blocky art graphics
– A large town to drive in
– Different vehicles to drive
– Crashes
– Endless mode with increasing thrill of driving
– World and Social Leaderboards
– Achievements
– New Car Racing game 2016 free download

Tiny Blocky Cars will be updated regularly with your feedbacks and suggestions. Don’t forget to leave a review with your feedback.

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